Training in Aswan day 1

The day started with a hotel move.
As seems to be the way here the middle of the day was ours. It’s so hot that even the locals don’t want to be outside in the midday sun. So we seized the opportunity for some swimming! A refreshing dip in the pool of a nearby hotel by the Nile, wonderful!
After takeaway pizza for lunch we attended our first training. An entirely different experience from previous weeks. We started the session with 31 trainees and by the end had about 40. A mixed age range from Brownies upwards. Discussion of expectations revealed that most of the girls are already involved in Guiding in some way and some of them are keen to become leaders, so on paper our perfect target audience. The number of people and the vast age range complicated matters though, as did the acoustical difficulties of the hall.
It was also hard to engage the ‘grown ups’ in some of the activities, which meant that things took a long time to organise. There aren’t any suitable tables for group work in the room either, which may make some of the games a challenge as the week progresses.

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