Day 2 ‘je voudrais khamsa pieces of paper’

A morning visit to a school for deaf and mute children followed by a school for children with learning difficulties.
Afternoon on Internet then Aswan Moon restaurant for lunch. I had the Lonely Planet recommended daoud basha (meatballs). Delish!
Training was Self Esteem. About 50 trainees attended and 12 Brownies – logistical nightmare in far too small a space so Sarah Kate and Gemma took the brownies in to a separate room to run a related but more age appropriate programme. The session ran more smoothly without the younger ones, and as Helen said, the 2 weeks of practice meant that we could run the activities smoothly enabling us to cope with the numbers more efficiently.
The brownies engaged well and performed cheers and learned ram sam sam. They attend a French school so communicating with them became an interchangeable mix of French, Arabic, and English.
MacDonalds for tea, on our own.
Hayley, Sarah and I had another animal kingdom incident. We’ve had a small lizard in our room since we moved in. Asked the man who came to look at our air con to remove it. The incident involved a slipper and lizard jam!

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