We’re on a train to minya

We’ve arrived! Flying over cairo was an experience in itself looking down on the pyramids of giza. It was also possible to get a feel of the way the cities have expanded round the nile, the main source of water for egyptians. For us of course it’s nothing but bottled water and lots of it!
The plane landed spot on time in Cairo and we were met straight away by the lovely and extremely helpful Samah and Marwa.
First thoughts were that we had stepped in to a fan oven. It was 40′ when we landed. Luckily there were fans on the minibus that took us to the federation.
After spending an hour or so in the unique Egyptian Guide Federation, we went out for our first Egyptian meal. This was kushiri, a mix of pasta, chick peas, tomato sauce and all sorts of yummy spicy flavours! The restaurant looked more like somewhere you’d pick up a kebab at 3 am on a Friday night but the food was very tasty, particularly after a days travelling.
After dinner was back to the Federation to kill time before heading to Cairo train station. A little more time than we expected as it turned out! It wasn’t until we asked to leave for the train that we realised we’d landed an hour earlier than the pilot told us. Samah and Marwa found the whole thing rather amusing, having thought we’d changed our minds about when we wanted to eat; ‘those silly english girls’! Apparently the clocks changed last night so we’ll forgive the airline for causing much confusion.
After playing chicken to cross the road, forcing our way through the hustle and bustle of the railway station, trying to follow the conversation when Samah bought our water (she was asking why it’s more expensive in the station – we’re already learning that the trick is to haggle) and realising that it’s going to be fun trying to buy tickets for onward travel without the help of a translator, we are now revelling in first class luxury on the train to Minya. We’re due to arrive at 1am and if all goes to plan will be met at the station and taken to the place that will be our accommodation for the week. It’s still about 30′ outside but for now, we have air conditioning…

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