Day 5 – Final training and Kate’s departure

The morning began with a trip to the television studio! The 8th Egyptian channel (for Aswan) wanted to interview us about the project. Whilst waiting to be called we were watching the show on a tv in the director’s office and spotted ourselves dancing at the sun festival last night!
Hayley, Kate and Gemma were ‘on the sofa’ in Aswan’s version of This Morning, Our Lives. Sarah, Helen and I were in the studio observing proceedings and also watching clips as the live show went out of us all running the session last night. If our mission was to spread the word about Girl Guiding we certainly achieved it with a 25 minute slot where the girls were asked about the history of Guiding, the promise, the centenary and the similarities and differences between Guiding in the UK and in Egypt. Luckily we have the whole episode on DVD…
For lunch we returned to Aswan Moon.
The session was time management and was again attended by about 50 girls including a quota of Brownies and similar aged girls. So we split them up again for much of the session.
Today had an air of finality hanging over it. It was our last session of project and Kate left us mid session for her train back to Cairo. The team very much feels like it’s lost a limb without her which has made us all realise how easily and well we’ve worked together.
But for the rest of us the holiday starts here and we’re off to Abu Simbel at midnight to watch the sun rise in the temple.
Kate, we hope you have a safe journey home and miss you lots already x

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2 Responses to Day 5 – Final training and Kate’s departure

  1. Ian Riley says:

    Stardom beckons.
    Move over Christine Bleakley, here comes the guides!!!!!!!!!!

  2. christine gamal says:

    god with you kate, i hope you have happy journey