Egypt calling…

Finally, a response from Egypt. Much reassurance came from this email.
Dear Hayley
Thank you for your email. I really look forward to work with you. I see from your email that you have been told several plans for your stay in Upper Egypt. I only heard about the one week in Qena and the second week in Aswan, so I think I have to do some more communications with the Associations in Upper Egypt, and start working on your programme, because there will be a lot of transportation planning and booking too.
I will try to do all the planning over the weekend and hopefully by Monday I may have answers for most of your questions.
Meanwhile while getting ready for your long trip to Upper Egypt, you will have to put into consideration that Qena and Assiut are totally different from Cairo and Alexandria.
The weather in Upper Egypt is really warm or hot during October, but not as humid as Alexandria. The pace of life is not as hectic as the city, and you may consider it even slightly slow, but then the heat is a factor. It is advisable that you get with you comfortable cotton clothes with as little polyester as possible, hats and sunglasses etc….
Till next Monday, I wish you a very pleasant weekend.
Yours in Guiding
Nesrin El Hadidi
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