Our last day in Minia

I’m typing this whilst waiting for the train to take us to Qena.
Thoughts from the week:
Hayley – why are we waiting?
Sarah – inta haroof (you’re a sheep)
Helen- yallah (let’s go)
Kate – I love you too much (frequently said by the girls)
Gemma – shokran *smile* *photo*
Becci – do we have enough water?
All in all I think the thing we least expected was the celebrity status we seem to have here, constant photographs, continually being ushered around without really knowing what is happening and being interrupted in the middle of everything we try to do (yallah) regardless of how important the reason for the interruption. That said it’s been so much fun, we’ve seen and done so much and if the next 2 weeks are like this we might just be ok!

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