Day 5 – our last in Qena

Training this morning was time management which was interrupted by a meeting with the president of the university who wanted to see how the week had gone for us. It was a shame we were taken out of training, but the President wanted honest feedback on how the week had gone for us and our impressions of the Univeristy. The time management session went well despite the interruptions and we had time to finish with a presentation of badges and some photographs.
Helen and Sarah had a disturbing experience this afternoon involving a rat. Helen saw something dash swiftly past, identifying it as a mouse or rat as it scuttled on behind the fridge. She yelped in astonishment and sought assistance. The hotel staff – once located – were timid in their venture. A bit of plodding about scared the rat out from behind Sarah’s bag heading directly towards Gemma. She leapt out of the way as it headed into a hole under a door soon boarded up by jittery hotel staff.
In the evening we visited the oldest Coptic church in Qena and then returned to the place where we have been training for a leaving party. For a short time we started to feel like celebrities again having arrived in our ‘tour’ bus. There was lots of table setting up in an x-factor judging fashion. The university president took on the role of Simon Cowell while the university scouts and then us performed a repertoire of action songs; from us ging gang goolie, linger and make new friends, finishing with taps.
Hayley made a final thank you speech and we presented the president, vice president and Mr Usama with our GOLD neckers.

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