Day 4

The opportunity to attend English club has not materialised, which was a real shame as we were hoping to be quite a feature through discussing the difference between Egyptian and English education. Morning training was problem solving and team building. We had to accommodate several power cuts so some activities took place in relative darkness and without air conditioning but adapting to whatever situation we are presented with is second nature to us as Guiders so we handled it well! This week we could really see the teams start to work better together by the end of the session, once they realised that however much they moved around we weren’t going to let them stay in their usual friendship groups!
After the session we were taken on a tour of the art faculty so we could see some of the students’ work. The quality of the pieces they have made is outstanding. We were offered a piece of art each to take as a gift we compromised on a very unique cushion cover.
The evening saw us visiting the oldest mosque in Qena. It felt like a very spiritual place with lots of people visiting it seemingly just to be there for quiet contemplation.
We then returned to the university for fatir followed by a coconut cake.
Next was a visit to Mr Usama’s club. We were a little concerned about the type of club this was and were relieved to learn that it was actually a sports club where we were taken to look at the swimming pool. We settled beside the Nile for drinks and singing with Mr Usama, Heba, a teacher and 2 boy scouts. This of course turned in to a songathon with the boys teaching us some of their songs too; the Sound of Music featured heavily from our side, no doubt because we keep singing edelweiss!

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