Team Egypt – Preparations

After another successful briefing weekend, this time on the beach in Hastings, the team are itching to travel. It’s all about last minute details now; injections, shopping for kit, finalising the resources, and generally getting excited. I feel I should use my first post to explain what we are doing and why, but I’m hoping the “about” pages will answer all those questions for you. So this, my first ever blog, is really just to touch base and begin a process of what will hopefully be much shared fun and excitement. No doubt there will be highs and lows along the way but we are in that blissfully optimistic stage when we just know it will all work out and simply hope that we will be able to impart some useful Girlguiding wisdom in Eqypt – where in Egypt, we’re not quite sure yet. Qena, Asyut and Aswan are names that are freely being batted around.

At risk of rambling on with very little to say I shall close and say – watch this space over the coming months to hear about Team Egypt 2010 and our adventures somewhere in Egypt!

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