Second Briefing

Second briefing started with various travel and car issues, which resulted in Gemma arriving at bedtime and Sarah finally showing her face on Saturday lunchtime! Really I think the car troubles were a guise to get out of the presentation.

Each team presented ‘their country’ to the rest of the group. Team Egypt presented:

a taster of some Egyptian pop music - listen 43 Leily Nehary

an introduction to the team from Hayley – see the ‘about’ page of our blog

an introdution to Egypt with a brief history from Gemma - see the home page of our blog

a perspective on the challenges we might face in Egypt from Becci

an introduction to Guiding in Egypt from Sarah – sadly the group never got to see this but see the home page of our blog for the information that might have been included.

an introduction to our project and programme from Helen - see the home page of our blog

and an introduction to Egyptian from Kate, which identified some key phrases we may (or may not) use on project,

Mother = ‘umm

Donkey = himar

and I seem to have misplaced the translation for girl and bicycle. Maybe Kate can assist at some point…

The Saturday night ‘decades’ party inspired the 1950′s dubbed team Egypt to spin off the ‘One Show’ with Helen as the stylish presenter. Kate took on the role of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth making her coronation speech to the nation in immaculate fashion. Gemma was the ubiquitous 1950′s housewife. A quick ‘Google’ tells me this requires “lots of energy, no opinion, and talent in every area”. Hayley, the perfect 1950′s guide, demonstrated her special talent for making bunting. “Unice was very excited to take part in coronation celebrations you know”. Sarah and I danced away the rest of the show with a perfect rendition of the ‘handjive’. To share in the 50′s fun check out the pics…

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